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The Moralization of Wealth

I recently wrote about how we have made moral assertions about the rich and poor in this country: namely that the rich are virtuous and the poor are lazy. The rich MUST have worked hard for what they have and the poor MUST have been lazy to become poor. I get how someone can think … Continue reading

Inequality and Christian Capitalism

It has been some time since I have written a piece on the intersection of theology and politics, but it has been on my mind so much (as, indeed, the whole of this country is engulfed in political conversation), I felt it worthwhile. I was raised in a traditionalist evangelical church where the congregation actively … Continue reading

Police Videos and You

I am writing this to all humans for the sake of promoting critical thinking about our situation. What are your feelings on the US Justice System? If you frequent any social media site, you might find a wide variety of news articles, videos, and discussion threads about some horrifying thing that happened to a citizen … Continue reading

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