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On Female Leadership in Church: A Letter to Gallery Church

Preface: I am wholly and unequivocally in support of female leadership in any and every capacity of church and family life. I am writing this to address all of Gallery, in which I am covenant family, because I want to see health and harmony for all those under your charge and to see Gallery know … Continue reading

The Idle Church

I recently heard a sentiment that sounded something like this: If we really believed that Jesus could fix this world, we would become beacons of hope to those around us. This is also paired with the idea that as Christians, following tragedies such as the recent Orlando shooting, don’t have a responsibility to “fix” situations … Continue reading

My Political Positions and How Christianity Became a Political Tool

I get asked a lot who my choice in presidential candidate is for this upcoming election. It’s a short answer, but I think people should hear how I got there. I grew up full on conservative, Republican, WASP, in a place with minimal poverty, great schools, low crime, and lots of churches. My image of … Continue reading

Inequality and Christian Capitalism

It has been some time since I have written a piece on the intersection of theology and politics, but it has been on my mind so much (as, indeed, the whole of this country is engulfed in political conversation), I felt it worthwhile. I was raised in a traditionalist evangelical church where the congregation actively … Continue reading

What We Get Wrong About Our “Calling”

Our American Christian culture is very concerned with “our calling”. I think what is usually meant by this is that we are concerned mainly with what God is “calling” us to choose. A great deal of anxiety might be generated over whether or not we chose what God wanted us to choose. Let’s assume for … Continue reading

Guilt Trip Gospels, Unrequited Love, and Optimal Outcomes

If God is truly bringing about an optimal world through His love, there is literally nothing else worth your devotion. Continue reading

Guilt Trip Gospels and The Fate of Humanity

The gospel is not something that offends the heart while enticing the mind, nor is it something that satisfies the heart while failing the mind. Continue reading

Generous Capitalists

As one of my old pastors used to say, “Whenever people start talking about God and money, weird things happen.” It is the subject of countless comedy routines, fiscal year-end sermons, and disputes at home. Generosity. In a church context, people usually hear about the “tithe” when that word comes out. For those who are … Continue reading

The Myth of Eternal Hell

Some of you are reading this title and already thinking I’ve gone theologically ‘soft’ to make Christianity more appealing, taking an easy-to-swallow theology. I want to preface this by saying that the church does not make any theology that it does not teach easy to swallow. I seek only the truth here and knowing the … Continue reading

Solo Scriptura and Truth Guardians

Like some of you, I grew up being taught that the Bible is the sole source of truth. I was taught that most everything in it was written literally, it should be taken literally, and that all truth claims can be evaluated by checking it against the authority of Scripture. This is the evangelical version … Continue reading

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