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The Myth of Eternal Hell

Some of you are reading this title and already thinking I’ve gone theologically ‘soft’ to make Christianity more appealing, taking an easy-to-swallow theology. I want to preface this by saying that the church does not make any theology that it does not teach easy to swallow. I seek only the truth here and knowing the … Continue reading

Redemption of Desire

It has been a while since writing in my series on decision making. I want to conclude the series with a well referenced, and easily referenced, synopsis of goodness, decision making, and sin. This is a tough topic to wrap your head around all at once, and it has taken me a long time to … Continue reading

Police Videos and You

I am writing this to all humans for the sake of promoting critical thinking about our situation. What are your feelings on the US Justice System? If you frequent any social media site, you might find a wide variety of news articles, videos, and discussion threads about some horrifying thing that happened to a citizen … Continue reading

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