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Thinking About ‘Noah’

I saw the movie Noah this past weekend, and before and after seeing it, I knew this movie was going to catch some attention from the American church. The movie got a 75% on Rotten Tomatoes (compared to the 20% God’s Not Dead got, at $9.1 million in the box office after several weeks), grossed $44 … Continue reading

Movie Review: ‘Noah’ (Major Spoilers)

I don’t usually do full blown reviews, but I would like to give others my perspective on this movie because I think it was extremely nuanced, and from what I’ve heard, people are missing out on a lot of what I saw in the film. I was grateful to see the movie with a group … Continue reading

Hills to Die On

When I was coming out of high school, I was exposed, for the first time, to a new level of Christian apologetics. There was a concerted effort to educate young people on correct apologetics and their consequences in life. I attended a conference called Summit, a self-proclaimed ‘worldview’ conference. Here I was taught a new … Continue reading

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