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Yeah, silence. Not the kind that we talk about in church all the time; you know, where we remove all the distractions and just focus on God. But the kind that means, “Seriously, shut up.”

I’ve shut up for a little while now. In the name of humility, submission and courtesy, I let stuff go. Carefully not upsetting the precious balance that people have worked so hard to create.

Grace for those who wrong me is shown in silence. People who have spent their words to judge and dismiss me. People who think they must administer some form of retribution because its what they think I deserve. I have learned to answer in silence.

We live in a culture that believes in branding people. We are witness to a global church who believes that ‘Christian values’ are the absolute end to your worth as a person. No one would dare say it aloud, but its clear every day the reality of it.

The Republican party is notorious for enforcing Christian values among the US. Along with laws that require bended knee to our version of Biblical morality we hear derogatory language, labels, self-righteousness and more from the religious right. All the while marketing a message of death, gluttony and war to the rest of the world.

I’m not sure if its because Jesus stood silent in the face of his accusers that I too remain silent, or because the task of bringing attention to the mistakes of the church is too daunting.

I hear lots of people constantly speaking. Submit. Change. Be silent. Be like this. You’re not good enough. You need to fix yourself. If I answer with anything but silence and submission it makes me defiant and unteachable. If I remain silent, I have resigned to the tyranny of misguided principles.

I hear a lot about frustration, pain, stubbornness, having to re learn lessons, not being able to create change.

How do you approach someone with a problem when they don’t listen, they are unteachable, they will only affirm their own position and you are alone in your effort? Will you push them aside? Run away? Condemn them? Pay special attention to them?

I have chosen silence over conflict until a time and place where God says otherwise. In silence I can show grace and patience. And love.

In silence there are no excuses. In silence everyone is equal. In silence you are forced to deal with yourself.

There is so much of God in silence. Seek Him in it.


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Worship Leader, Economist, Musician, Martial Artist


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